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Many good things may be happening for the kr3w and their plans so watch out niggaz!

Friday is the Fear Before The March Of Sexual Intercourse show. One of our original members, Joshua Jackson Mark will be leaving that day for a vacation. He will be back to participate in The Blood Brothers. Tomorrow we must give him love and chill and hang all day to bid him farewell and goodluck. If he wants he will promote the Kr3w and When I Die...

Someday, members Dave, and Alex will combine forces with Aaron, a loved friend and soul mate on an adventure in skateboarding, filming, and picture taking for promotion for the Kr3w and When i Die. Wish good luck that no one is killed, dies, or murdered on our adventure throughout Colorado.

When I Die, the original Kr3w band has released final details for the sequel of "Bedroom Chronicals: 1." This cd will be more hardcore, metal, operacore, and noise making. They have released the CD title and track information, but yet no cover or back art for the disk. Here are the details:
Bedroom Chronicals, to the Bathroom...
1. Trad Mill
2. Am Too Fat
3. Shit Piss
4. Cockadoodledoo
5. Live From the Russian Compound (Locust Cover)
6. Vagisel
7. Nick's Bottom
8. Dave's Nipples
9. Here We Go Potty
10. Alex Cutbirth is strange

When I Die has stated the hit song on this cd will be "Trad Mill." When I Die is also planning on recording much more and pretend to tour and take time off to make a box set with DVD extras, pictures, and artwork.

Thats all for now, more news later, Thank you
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